Naztech 3.5mm Audio Adapter with Lightning Connector

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  • Get Your Jack Back: Apple shocked the world when the iPhone 7 launched without a 3.5mm headphone jack. Even years later, people still want to use your favorite headphones? Want your headphone jack back? It’s time to reconnect!
  • Link ANY Device: This ultra-compact adapter allows you to connect wired auxiliary devices including headphones, speakers, and home or car stereos to your iPhone.
  • HD Quality Audio: Crafted from the same premium materials as top sound systems and headphone brands to ensure a clear connection and the purest possible sound experience.
  • Incredibly Durable: Reinforced strain relief collars and flexible protective jacketing ensures this cable will last through repeated plugging and unplugging. 
  • Perfect Fit: 3 inches is an ideal and convenient length to keep your devices connected without having to struggle with excess cable wires that will weigh you down or get tangled.

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