Audio Visual Electronics has joined forces with One Communications to give their new and existing customers the best way to upgrade to a new TV at the lowest price!

Oh Really? What is The NextOne Loyalty Program?

The NextOne Loyalty Program is a program provided by One Communications and Audio Visual Electronics that allows One Communications customers to receive discounts towards a brand new TV purchase through Audio Visual.

Subscribe to any of One Communication's eligible FibreWire Home Bundles or Smart Internet Plans to get amazing NextOne discounts on a television without a fixed-term contract.

This program was designed to give you the flexibility to upgrade your devices whenever you choose. Your NextOne discount becomes a balance that decreases over 24 or 36 months with discounts up to $2500.

Here is an Example: 

  • You purchase a $1,200 Television on the Loyalty Program, with the 24-month (standard) option
  • You subscribe to FibreWire 650, which is eligible for a $800 NextOne Discount
  • You pay $400 for the television up front, and your Loyalty Device Balance is $800
  • At any time and for any reason, you can decide to pay off your remaining Loyalty Balance. The balance owed depends on how long you have been on the Loyalty Program.
  • Even if you decide to leave after 3 months, you will have saved money on your device!

So for the above example with a $800 balance, if you decide to cancel your FibreWire Internet service after…

  • 6 months (18 remaining) – The balance will have reduced to $600, so you will have saved $200 overall 
  • 12 months (12 remaining) – The balance will have reduced to $400, so you will have saved $400 overall
  • 18 months (6 remaining) – The balance will have reduced to $200, so you will have saved $600 overall
  • 24 months (0 remaining) – Balance is $0! The TV is yours! You're more than welcome to start the process over and get another TV!

Click Here for more information directly from the One Communications Website!


So, How Do I Sign Up?

It's very simple to take advantage of this program! Simply follow these steps:

 Step One: If you do not already have an account with One Communications you can sign up for their services by clicking here for a FibreWire Smart Internet Package or clicking here for a FibreWire Home Bundle. Alternatively you may visit one of their retail stores if that is easier for you.

Step Two: Visit one of Audio Visual's retail stores in either Hamilton or Somerset and inform the sales associate that you would like to take advantage of the NextOne Loyalty program. You will need your account number and related One Communications account info.

Step Three: Our team will process your NextOne request and validate your account eligibility, which will include filling out a NextOne agreement form for you as well as contacting One Communications to verify your info. Our team may also be required to perform a BCA credit check depending on if you have had a NextOne plan before.

Step Four: Choose from our wide variety of televisions and enjoy your discount value depending on your plan and commitment period. If the value of the TV is higher than your allowed discount, simply pay the difference with your preferred payment method.

Step Five: Schedule free island wide delivery with our professional delivery team or walk away with your brand new TV!


Sounds Good, But What Can I Get?

The chart below lists the plans that are eligible for a NextOne Loyalty discount, as well as the savings for each plan depending on if you choose a NextOne Loyalty agreement for 2 years or a NextOne Premium Loyalty agreement for 3 years. To learn more, sign up for service, or switch your current plan, you can click here for a FibreWire Smart Internet Package or click here for a FibreWire Home Bundle.

FibreWire Smart Internet Plans
FibreWire 200 FibreWire 300 FibreWire 450 FibreWire 650 FibreWire 1Gig

 NextOne Discount

(2 year agreement)

Up to $325
Up to $450
Up to $600
Up to $800
Up to $2000

 NextOne Premium Discount

(3 year agreement)

Up to $450
Up to $650
Up to $850
Up to $1150
Up to $2500


FibreWire Home Bundles (Internet + TV)

Basic Bundle Better Bundle Best Bundle Ultimate Bundle

 NextOne Discount

Up to $1200
Up to $1500 
Up to $1800
Up to $2500



If you have any more questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us by clicking here or calling us at 234-3305 (Somerset) or 292-1354 (Hamilton).


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