Belkin 37W Fast Charge Dual Wall Charger (USB-A & USB-C) w/ PD & PPS Technology

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Conveniently charge two devices at home with the BoostCharge 37W 2-Port USB-A/USB-C PD Wall Charger from Belkin. This wall charger features a 2-prong Type A plug and a flat-to-the-wall design that makes it ideal to use in tight spaces. When plugged in, up to 37W of total power is available between the USB-C and USB-A ports, with your USB-C device getting a maximum of 25W of power and your USB-A device receiving up to 12W. To help devices charge faster and more efficiently, Belkin equipped the BoostCharge with both PD 3.0 and PPS technologies.

  • Users can charge their device at the fastest possible speed with Belkin’s outstanding charger. Users can rapidly charge their device in style.
  • Power Delivery (PD) -  is a standard for handling higher power that was introduced by the USB Implementers Forum. It allows devices to charge fast over a USB connection. It provides high-speed charging with variable voltage using intelligent device negotiation. Devices negotiate a power contract to determine how much power they can pull from a PD charger
  • PPS Technology - Dynamic power delivery with PPS technology. PPS,Programmable Power Supply allows for stepwise changes in current and voltage. It decreases the conversion loss during charging, ensuring the charge is more efficient. When the charge is more efficient, less heat is produced, and when less heat is produced, a battery’s lifespan increases. So, PPS fast charging is better for your device’s battery.

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