Chargeworx Waterproof Bag for Smartphones

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  • A trim, tough clear protective case for all cell phone models - whether it's an iPhone, Galaxy, Note, now you've got underwater utility with this waterproof phone pouch
  • Fits even the largest 6.5" phone models! Go ahead and use it for all iPhone Plus or Max models, an S9./S10, Pixel 3 -- this holder fits your phone. May need first to remove any existing cases
  • Comes with a lanyard for security - hang it around your neck or loop it around a bag handle, the handy strap keeps your investment safely next to you
  • Travel much? Pop in your passport, essential documents, a card or two, drape it around your neck and set off on your cruise or adventure with waterproof security!
  • Take your phone to document your boating or kayaking outing, go swimming, even diving! You've got peace of mind knowing this IP68 certified electronics pouch is protecting your expensive investment
  • Waterproof, snow-proof, dust-proof, sand-proof
  • Touch-friendly

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