ProMounts PPMA2S Landscape to Portrait Double Monitor Arms for 13" to 32" Screens

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Broad Range Compatibility: This monitor mount is designed to support a variety of monitor types, including flat and curved displays ranging from 13" to 32". With a maximum weight capacity of 8kg (17.6lbs), it's versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of screens. All necessary hardware is included for your convenience. 

Articulated Flexibility: Experience unparalleled flexibility with this fully articulated monitor mount. The gas-spring-operated arm provides smooth counterbalancing in any direction. Enjoy a wide range of adjustments, including a ±90° horizontal and vertical tilt. 

Custom Mounting Options: Tailor your setup to your exact preferences. You can secure the mount by bolting it to your desk, ensuring it remains stable without movement. Alternatively, you can opt for the non-destructive clamp, freeing your desk from unsightly holes. 

Efficient Cable Management: Say goodbye to cable clutter with the integrated cable management system. The mount features convenient cable routing chambers and a secure clamp, keeping your workspace organized. Plus, we've added a handy storage space for the adjustment wrench at the back of the mount, ensuring easy access when needed. 

Seamless Landscape and Portrait Modes: Enjoy the flexibility of 360-degree rotation, allowing you to switch effortlessly between horizontal and vertical orientations. This feature is perfect for various activities, from video chats and reading to immersive gaming experiences. 

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