Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Plus (Denim Blue)

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  • Track Objects/Pets with a Galaxy Phone
  • Requires the SmartThings App
  • Support for UWB & AR Location
  • 394' Range via Bluetooth 5.0
  • Galaxy Find Network When Out of Range
  • Audible Tone Helps to Track Item
  • Control IoT Devices with SmartTag
  • Up to 5 Months Battery Life
  • Replaceable Watch Battery

    Track, locate, and recover your keys and other items with the Galaxy SmartTag Plus from Samsung. The SmartTag Plus lets you use the SmartThings app on your phone to locate it within 394' via Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The SmartTag Plus can also make use of UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) and AR (Augmented Reality) technology for more natural navigation and increased tracking precision. The SmartThings app can also be used to play an audible tone from the SmartTag, or you can use the SmartTag to make your phone ring. The SmartTag supports the Galaxy Find Network for out-of-range tracking, and the ability to control IoT devices.

    Augmented Reality with UWB
    Utilizing the built-in camera, your immediate area is displayed on your phone's screen. AR technology overlays precise navigation data via UWB on top of that image, letting you more easily navigate yourself to your misplaced object.

    Galaxy Find Network
    When out of range, you can still find your SmartTag using other Galaxy phones and devices owned by you or other people. As the SmartTag passes within range of other Galaxy devices, the location is recorded on that device, letting you view its last known position on a map.

    IoT Control
    If an IoT-compatible smart device in your home is connected to your Galaxy phone, you can setup the SmartTag to allow it to control basic functions. For example, with the press of the SmartTag, you can turn lights on and off.

    Additional Features
    Up to 5 months of battery life
    Replaceable watch battery
    Sound and volume are adjustable
    IP53 dust and water resistance
    Mute, normal, and loud volume settings
    Downloadable ringtone with 8 presets

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